11 Tips for the Working Mom Trying to do it All

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It can be a daily challenge to keep up with working and taking care of your family. Not everything can get done in the waking hours, but as the mom in the family we definitely try.

Here are 11 tips for the Working mom to encourage and help you get through your week knowing we are all in this together.

1. You are amazing, but you will never be wonder woman. We didn’t sign up for that. You don’t have to be to take care of yourself and your family. There are only so many hours in a day so just take care of the day and get to bed at a decent hour. Staying up till 2am cleaning and sewing up holes or waiting for that one pair of pants to get finished in the laundry will just exhaust you and you won’t be your best the next day. Make sure you and your family are fed, bathed, schoolwork completed, dog is walked and fed and then you can find some time for yourself before having to get up and start all over again.

2. It’s ok to ask for help or hire help if you can afford the extra expense. Ask friends or friends moms that are available to help pick up the kids or ride along with them to a practice. Hire someone to clean once a week if you are able or see if you can take turns with a neighbor you are close with.

3. Learn to say NO.  You do not have to sign up for every last thing at work or at your kids school, it’s not worth the hassle of being so spread thin. Sign up for one or two things that you feel are important and say no to the rest. Say no to making multiple stops after work or driving to the opposite end of town for something someone can’t live without. You need your time also, time for you to take care of yourself.

4. Include family to help. Don’t be afraid to ask family to help you with the kids or your house. Sometimes they are waiting to be asked to help as they don’t want to intrude. Sometimes family lives on the other side of the country so if you are lucky enough to have grandmas and grandpas in your town take full advantage of that offer to make things easier on everyone.

5. Learn to stick to a schedule. This is a tough one for me. I try to have a schedule and one wrench thrown in and I quit. Especially when time change is involved, talk about messing up a schedule! Put a big calendar on the wall where everyone can see what is happening each day of the week so they can help keep everything going and on time.

6. Learn to remain flexible. Also a tough one. Plans change, people get sick, games get cancelled, weather changes things, some people need their own break and change what’s happening that day. Learn to change yourself and move something else forward or back when your day changes up. Sometimes it can work out for the best!

7. Create rituals for yourself. Get that morning coffee at your favorite coffee drive thru, have that French toast bagel with hazelnut cream cheese, go to that super early yoga class and take care of YOU.

8. Have a running to do list. Print up one of those printable lists, JUST LIKE THIS ONE
to help you keep organized throughout your day. If I don’t write things down, most likely something is going to be forgotten.

9.  Set Timers. Yes this can be annoying but I have even set a nap timer when I needed 20 minutes just to take a break on the couch. If I hadn’t set that timer I would have slept for 10 hours and missed everything else that was going on and probably have someone mad at me which is common practice anyways. A timer can keep you on track and remember it’s time to move on to the next thing happening in your day.

10. Make use of your drive time. If you have a device to hold your phone make those calls on speaker that you have been needing to take care of. Dictate to a recording device thoughts or things you need to do and not forget. Listen to an audio book if you don’t have time to read at home, listen to a new language you wanted to learn.

11. Preparation. Prep your week the best you can Sunday afternoon or evening. If this means making those meal prep containers to keep your diet on track then do it. Write up the week’s calendar and stick to it and deal with the punches as they roll in. You’ve got this! If you need help with the groceries INSTACART is very easy to use and gets your groceries delivered to your home within an hour. Check it out HERE. 

If you need a more professional planner check out mom Agenda for all kinds of planners and daily organizers.  Click the link or the banner to see what all they have to offer!

Please message me your tips for keeping organized and taking care of YOU while taking care of everyone else. Have an amazing week! Kelli

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