5 Tips on How to Get More Done for yourself as a Busy Working Mom

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If you get up and have to get dressed and go to an actual job instead of throwing on yoga pants and heading to the gym with your messy bun then you know what it’s like to never have time for you. You run for everyone else but when exactly do they run for you without rolling their eyes or breathing out a very long dramatic sigh??

Its a challenge to physically pull myself up from my bed every morning knowing that when I get to work after dropping the kids off at school it’s going to feel like the movie Groundhog Day and I’ll have all these plans for myself after work that I’m too tired to actually follow through with. Home is my goal when I pull out of that parking lot. A shower and my couch for a few precious moments until homework, projects, dog needs and dinner demands show up.


First Tip: Learn to say “NO”. Yep this one is a tough one for me. No one actually believes you use the word “NO” when it comes to serving them. You say NO when they ask if they can stay up past bedtime on a school night, you say NO when they ask for money for something ridiculous but we never say NO when it comes to just not doing something that they are perfectly capable of handling on their own. Let them learn from it.

SecondGet rid of all of those post it notes and dates written down on scrap pieces of paper and get yourself an organizational planner. It works believe me. Mom Agenda has tons of good stuff to help you straighten out your days. Set goals you can reach and that are attainable for the day without going into overtime.

Third: Throw multitasking out the window. I’ve done this. Trying to get 8 things done at once and cutting corners to get it all done means I forgot something. Like milk. I’ll go through the entire store and forget the milk. How did I do that? Because I was thinking about the next 32 places I needed to go. One thing at a time and who cares if you aren’t supermom and don’t get them all done. Your kids need to remember the time you spent with you when you weren’t crazy and jacked up on Starbucks to get it all fit in.

Fourth: When you are finally home with your people, put your phone down. Who cares who did what on Facebook, no email or phone calls matter (unless there is a family issue going on or pressing work issue), nothing you need to focus on your phone from that time forward. Your family is right in front of you and we all said we got our phones so we can communicate and keep tabs on our families. Well they need and want your eyes, not your flexed forward neck while they look at the top of your head while you kill it in Candy Crush.

Fifth: Here is the most important ladies: SLEEP. Make sure you make time to sleep. I’m totally guilty of staying up too late after the kids go to bed binging on a Netflix series that I have to know what happens next. I feel like this is MY sanity time to watch what I want when I want without interruptions with my earbuds in and one pug dog curled up beside me. I need to heed this advice also, shut it down so I don’t get up grouchy and feeling like crap because I watched 6 episodes of Drop Dead Diva.

Sign Up Creative

If you sit back and make the family manage themselves a little, at least what they are capable of you may get some much needed rest or in my case finish up a season of something on Netflix and not always wonder what happened because you ran out of time to finish it or forgot about it.

Send me a message in the Contact Me form, tell me how you manage the working mom life and your best secret to taking time for yourself. If this is your kids last week of school make some fun plans for you and your kids to enjoy some much needed time together away from the math and science and history books.

Here is a freebie one page printable day planner to print day by day:
Click for Daily 1 page printable

Or check out MOM AGENDA for all kinds of planners and organizers to help keep appointments and schedules straight. There is an offer for 10% off when you go to this link. 

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1 year ago

I needed this today! Thank you. Karen.

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