Finding a Happy Place After a Crap Week at Work

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This was my week to screw up at work. Everything I did or said with best intentions blew up in my face and I left the week feeling bad about myself, decisions, and friendships along the way. My circle definitely got a little bit smaller.  I’m 41, I know better than to let all of this get to me but indeed it did.

So I go home and its all about everyone else’s issues and school and work and dinner and I feel the need to go into the bathroom and shut the door and just sit there and wrap my head around what to do to make this weekend not suck for everyone because with my current mood and attitude it won’t be fair to everyone.

I picked up this book my friend got me when I was having a different rough patch called Adulthood for Beginners by Andy Boyle in which he asks questions like ” Who’s Your Accountability Partner?” “Write Down Ten Goals and Three Actions” “What’s Pissing You off Right Now?” “Instead of Being Mad, What Else Can You Be?”. These are all good questions that made me stop and consider my week, my day and how I want to project myself from here on forward. It’s a good light read so check it out if you find time. He says “You’re not defined by your past mistakes unless you purposefully don’t learn from them.” Totally Agreed. 

One goal I’ve set for the week is to return to a Temple Challenge exercise class that I was attending like a year ago and made the excuse that time change happened and it was too dark in the evenings after I got home to go anywhere, and my laziness took over resulting in me gaining another 10 pounds to add to the other 10 I had gained the year before. So that’s not exactly where I want to be right now, 20 pounds overweight and unhappy with myself and the world around me.

I don’t want to be anyone’s problem and I hope that I can be of help to someone instead.


In order to fix my negative Nancy attitude I started looking up movies from the 90s that were both nostalgic and brought me back to the feeling of life isn’t really that bad and it could be a lot worse. Here are a few I came up with that made me smile:



I will usually head to my laptop to find a movie or a good tv show to catch up on if I’m having a stressful time which believe me is often. I try to manage work, kids, life and time to myself the best I can. I keep an organizer (I use this one from Mead in purple as everything I use is purple) that I hold dear for times, places, events I need to be aware of etc or I WILL forget.

Send me a message, comment, or email telling me how you manage work and life and how you relax!

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