How to Make the Best of Sudden Unemployment

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So here is my story. I have worked at the same company for the past 7 years. We were all aware that job cuts were a possibility due to a new billing system that was coming but we were assured that in our department we had just the right amount of people so none of us were to worry about getting cut.

Then comes Thursday. I was glued to my phone that day because my mother was at the hospital getting a heart catherization and I was waiting on a text from my step father to hear how things went. I get a text from my boss around 1:00 pm for me to come to the office for a conference call with her boss. Um, not good. Immediately I knew I was walking the green mile to her office. But why me? I had filled in any time she asked, came in early, stayed later, went to other facilities when needed, took on extra work when asked, what in the hell could I have possibly have done for it to be my time?

It was not my fault, it was happening nationwide a cut with therapists due to a new billing system starting in the new year. Nothing I could have said or done would have kept me from getting cut from full time to an as needed position. I had the least seniority over the other two ladies that also held my position. So I told my boss to not tell anyone, and that I would work my last two weeks with my head held high and leave quietly without my work friends knowing it was the last couple of weeks we would all be one team. It was rough. Seriously rough. The residents I had come to know and love I would not get to see everyday anymore. The work relationships I had created over the years just wouldn’t be the same, we can keep in touch but you know that never really works out. I didn’t feel sorry for myself, but I did see this as an opportunity to do something better for myself as I never would have left this position on my own without this push to do so beyond my control.

Fast forward 5 months and I’m given the opportunity to be the manager of the department in a newly opened building and get to choose my own team of professionals to work with. Yay! Everything works out somehow someway even when you are thinking its not going to. I had that time in 2019 to spend with my kids for the holidays, help out at their school, go to the pool in the summer time and just be knowing I had a new position I was waiting to get started with. The new position came with its own bunch of challenges but I was up for it and ready to start up this new chapter.  This is just a post saying “hey, life sucks and there is always something new around the corner waiting to change up your life”. I found that and am now providing more for my family, my life is pretty flexible with a few more details added in. I have a great boss and love what I do with the people I work with. Life is insanely unpredictable these days but I have been thrown many curve balls at this point and have come out waiting for the next pitch. You can do this too, you can come out on top and feeling good about yourself.

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