How to Make the Most of Being Home-bound with Your Kids During National Crisis

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Here we are with a national crisis in our lap. A virus spreading everywhere, really scary stuff considering its something we cannot see and we feel that we are all doing our best to not get sick but to some unfortunately they will be exposed without knowing how why or when.

Businesses, schools and companies are closing temporarily everywhere to prevent this spread which means LOTS of quality time at home with your kids depending on your profession. If you are a working mom there are so many things that you have not had the time to do with your family. Here is your big chance to make the most of your time and do everything you can to enjoy this time instead of sitting and waiting and watching every second of the news waiting for something to change.

As busy working moms we are not used to spending every hour of the day with our kids, we enjoy our time with them don’t get me wrong, but we are usually hurrying from one drop off and pick up point to the next and enjoying our weekends, days off and holidays together as they come.

Since work and schools are closed we are now faced with a lot of extra time together with personal issues, family issues and government issues to deal with for the next however many weeks this lasts. We have to make the best of it and make this time count and see this as an opportunity to spend quality time together and getting things done that have been shoved in the corner.

Here is some advice to parents to help you get through these next few weeks:

Yes, we all want to stay informed but listening to adult subjects and all the scary talk about everything they love closing down without a light at the end of the tunnel for now can really create anxiety in our children. Keep it on your electronic devices, but try to not have the news blasting on the main tv to create worry for your children. Send them outside to play weather permitting and talk in private in a way that keeps them informed age appropriately as kids may not be equipped to handle the strong subjects right now.

Is this exactly how you wanted to have alone together time? Nope. But try to create new memories with your kids instilling positive attitudes and good times they will remember about the time they got to stay home for weeks in 2020. Dust off the old board games, card games, puzzles that were started and not finished yet. Get out the old recipe box cards and pick a few things to make that you have forgotten about, look through old photo albums, make new ones with the pictures that you have had sitting in boxes for years that you meant to put in a book. There are so many things in life we have left “sitting there” that you may have time to do if your work has been closed, or you are working remotely from home for the current time. Make reading a priority, everyone has reading hour at my house when we are stuck at home.

Have your kids make pictures, journals, drawing pads of each day together. Have them draw the weather, their pets, somewhere far away they would like to go. Encourage their imagination and use those old crayons and paints that have been in the cabinet forever and not used. Have your younger children draw pictures and thank-you’s to their teachers for when they go back, or mail them in just in case school is closed indefinitely for the year. Our teachers are working hard to make sure our kids continue their lessons with online learning. This is not something they planned for the year and have thrown together last minute with perfection at our local schools. We have no idea how long this will last at this point.

Take time to sit and talk more, connect with each other, watch all those movies you have in your saved list on Netflix that you have been meaning to get to. Take this time to do all those things that have been on the back burner for days, weeks or years. Take walks around your neighborhood, the area around your home if you have any property or a park close by if you do not have any restrictions.

These weeks we are home, off school, and off of work will go quickly. Life passes us by and we are back to the grind of working and running to get things done. This is a sign to slow down and embrace what we have and to enjoy the people we are sharing this life with.

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Send me your best ideas and activities for being home during this time. My daughter and I started canvas painting pictures we find on Pinterest. We have made cookies and chicken and noodles and figuring out the best ways to get school work completed and turned in. We are taking one day at a time and making each day count. Stay healthy and wash your hands!

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