Meal Planning for the Busy Working Mom

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Meal time is a stressful time in a busy house after school, sports, work, homework and everything else you have to do before the day is over. Sometimes the meals are the last thing you even want to deal with which makes the dollar menu at your local fast food restaurant so easy to get.

If you do not have a plan the stress can go up as can your weekly grocery bill. We have all been there, making several quick stops to the grocery store all week to pick up items just to get a meal together because you are out of one thing or another.


Click HERE to get a Weekly Meal Planning Printable Schedule with Printable Grocery List to help you organize and schedule your meals for the week. One simple paper put up on the refrigerator or peg board in your home with a list of meals will save you time, money and all of the constant questions and battles of “what are we going to eat?”.

Keeping your weekly plan can be made simple in the following steps:

  1. On Sunday go over the schedule for the week, appointments, early school days, days off etc.
  2. Get out your saved recipes from Pinterest or your old fashioned recipe box like I still use and pick out easy meals for the week.
  3. Write these recipes down onto the printed up schedule.
  4. Write up the grocery list on the second page of the printable provided above.
  5. Take your kids and go get these groceries, and don’t forget the paper and digital coupons before you go!
  6. Be vigilant sticking to the meal plan, if you veer off with a fast food stop then you may end up throwing away groceries that go bad unless its something that can be thrown in the freezer for another time. Save money!
  7. Eat, enjoy your family and the ease of having a plan minus the chaos and frustration of what does everyone want to do.

Instacart is a great way to get your groceries delivered fast without all of the grocery store distractions.  You simply sign up and your local store options will pop up and someone from Instacart will be in touch with you immediately with your order and time to expect delivery.

Meal planning can also mean TAKE OUT OR ORDER IN NIGHT! There is absolutely nothing wrong with restaurant night because it gives you something to look forward to when the week has been crazy and unpredictable. At least you know that you can dial a number or go through a drive through and dinner is served and everyone is happy which is our #1 goal.

Once you get a plan put together it should get easier each week. Plug in the meal ideas, or put the planner paper on the refrigerator Friday evening before you go grocery shopping over the weekend and ask for input on what everyone is interesting in eating the upcoming week. If your family has a part in planning then there is less to argue about later.

It’s so easy and has been a huge help to me when I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t find the time to make it to the store, and needed a few items to complete a meal. CHECK OUT INSTACART HERE! Or the banner above.

If you love using your crockpot here is my special Cubed Steak recipe cooks all day long in the crockpot and cuts like butter with your fork when ready to eat. You will love it! Check my blog post out here for this recipe.

Or if your family is eating low-carb for the new year, here is my Kielbasa Cabbage Stir Fry recipe that has so many different flavors you will love. The most time consuming part of the meal is cutting up all of the vegetables, but with all hands on deck helping out its worth it! Check my blog post out here for this recipe.

If you have a plan ready to rock for the week then you can focus on the rest of life’s battles, like paying bills on-time, professional fixer of all issues A-Z and just having downtime to enjoy being with your family. We do so much as moms and deserve a break to keep things together and to actually have some time to ourselves.

Please message me in the contact box your favorite meals that are easy and tasty for the whole family to have together during the work/school week. Hope you have a fabulous and blessed week! Kelli


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