Old Fashioned Cinnamon Toast for Breakfast

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Today I was feeling a bit nostalgic for breakfast and
decided to make an old favorite: Cinnamon Toast! 

So simple and quick to make and always reminds me of breakfasts in the 80’s my dad used to make for me. In this fast and crazy world sometimes it’s nice to stop and do something that makes you happy and cinnamon toast started my morning out right.

I used only two slices of texas toast, lathered them up with butter, put on a thick layer of brown sugar and topped it with cinnamon and I was ready to go!
It’s of course one of those breakfasts that’s really not topping the healthy scale for us 40 plus moms and definitely NOT on your keto diet plan but sometimes we have to stop and live a little and enjoy some simple things in life.
Make it for a sweet treat for yourself, or treat your kids. Let me know how it goes or if you do something different!


So in the afternoon on my Sunday I have plans to make for the week. Check the school website to see what homework or tests or projects are due that the kids are “forgetting” to work on and I need something in front of me to keep all of that straight.

Here is a copy of a FREE weekly planner DAILY printout to use
to keep your days and life on track:


If I don’t have a copy of this I am more than likely to forget where I am, who I am and where I’m supposed to be. Feel free to add and improvise as needed. Hope this is helpful to you also!
I keep a copy in my purse during the day, unless absolutely nothing exciting is happening and I’m headed to work then home but with a 10 and 13 year old, one in track right now that’s not happening.

If you are interested in a more detailed planner, these are the ladies to get one from at MomAgenda.

They have got it all together for a decent price, CHECK IT OUT:


They have lots of choices of day planners, journals, notebooks and more to help keep your life and daily activities organized for the busy mom.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week with daylight savings time kicking us in the butt first thing tomorrow morning as we start our day and our commute to work. First couple of days are always the worst, I wish they would just leave time alone, but I do enjoy the daylight later into the evening. More time to cleanup the mess winter has left behind and frozen piles of surprise left by my mastiff randomly in the yard.

Send me a message with your working mom issues, I’m always working through something with my people. I always tell my patients that I see it all and hear it all with my profession so please feel free to share and vent and we will get through this week together! Thank you so much for joining me. Enjoy your cinnamon toast 😉


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Crystal Green

My mom taught me how to make this using regular sugar and cinnamon mixed together on top of butter on toast. I think it sounds better made with brown sugar. Thanks for the idea.

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