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I am finally getting back to this blogging thing that I started to help other 40 plus moms out and honestly for a creative outlet. I’ve neglected it since November, and my only excuse is….Life. Period.

Lets face it, the alarm goes off and we all lay there trying to come up with 100 reasons to NOT get up out of that bed. The comforter is just the right temperature, the dog is comfortable, the kids aren’t up yet so there is no fighting over who ate the last toaster strudel. Life is good for just a few minutes until you are blown into reality that the electric bill is due like tomorrow and if you don’t go to work someone will have to pick up the slack for you that will undoubtedly give you stink eye the next day you go back. It’s exhausting, all of it. Do I enjoy paying two bills just to have four more show up in my mailbox the next day? Nope. But I eventually get my mom butt up and take on the day no matter who I’m about to tick off or surprisingly make happy.

This week at work was exhausting. Its crazy how a couple of people’s actions and words can completely ruin a week and how others are feeling. There are small things we can do for each other to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. A compliment, an encouragement, a “way to go” on a recent project or assignment, a door held open, a thank you, an I’m sorry you are having a hard time hug or pat on the back, having lunch bought for you for no reason at all. It’s the little things that can make a difference for someone when you are all working for the same reason and goals.

I don’t care who you are, at 40 with kids you’ve got crap going on at home. And then you have to go to work and bring that crap with you one way or another. Whether or not I can afford it I stop and get myself an iced coffee with whipped cream. Am I dieting? Of course. Always, but not really. You know what I mean. Dieting for half a day is better than not caring at all as I see it. As for your co-worker who you know is going through her own mess of stuff, grab her a coffee too, the small gesture could change her entire attitude for the day. I’ve done this and have had this done for me and believe me, at least you know there’s one person out there on your side for the day.

Psalm 116:7 states “I said to myself, “Relax and rest. god has showered you with blessings.” Yes He has. All day long and things I forget to be thankful for. Stop and take a breath and gather yourself and your feelings and realize what is important and what is not. The lady at work that created issues and talked about others issues and spread rumors is having a hard time at home herself and thought it would be a great idea to tear someone else down. It’s all ignorable when you have the people you love close to you and are able to be thankful for your health, your own wealth (however limited or plentiful) and what you are to others.

How did you help someone today? I will sit back and remember how I made someone’s day. Maybe I got them another blanket for their bed, maybe I stopped and listened to their troubles, maybe I got them their favorite snack. Maybe I was just there when they needed someone to just BE there. I will send a text to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and say “Hey, I’m thinking about you today and just wanted you to know”. You know I’ve never gotten one of those back? But I can say maybe I made their day.

Funny Story alert: My husband and I had memberships to a local gym a few years ago and it was a good 25 minute drive from the house. We would take turns in the evenings going after work so one of us would be home with the kids. Well one evening, I needed the ME time and had ZERO interest in going to work out but my husband insisted I go. Soooooo, I put on my workout clothes, drove to KFC and ordered one of their famous bowls with the chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and a big fat side of macaroni and cheese and went down by the river and parked by myself and ate by myself for an hour and loved every second.

I made sure to open the windows and let the wind mess up my hair on the way home and try to look a little bit worn out from all of my “workout” LOL. It was one of those nights I just wasn’t in the mood for a treadmill which I could have used AFTER the macaroni and cheese, it was where I needed time for myself to relax and reflect and wind down and that’s exactly what I did.

So I’m not a perfect mom living in a very not perfect world but at the end of the day I can be proud of how I’ve treated people for the day. Read a devotional book, take a drive, buy those flowers for yourself in the Kroger’s floral section, buy yourself the package of 7 layer cookie bars that I MAY or MAY not have done today and hidden behind the canned vegetables in the cabinet.

Be yourself for an hour a day and let everyone else take care of themselves and each other. Message me your mom struggles in the contact form above or below. I would love to hear from you! This blog is a work in progress for me. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I am currently going through grandma’s old recipe box with typewriter written and grandma’s old scrawl recipes I plan to start sharing soon.  Have a great weekend!



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