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Have you been ignoring your health? We women take care of everyone else first, and then wonder why our health suffers! Get the ultimate collection of eBooks, eCourses, and printables designed to help women like you live more healthfully by learning to reduce the effects of stress, make better food choices, achieve your ideal weight (while loving your today body!), nourish your skin, hair & nails, balance your hormones, improve your sleep, find fitness that works, and much more. 97% off. 6 days only.

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Sticking to drastic diet changes is hard. But you can make simple, sustainable changes. You just need to know what those changes are!

My friends at Ultimate Bundles have teamed up with Anna Renderer, host of POPSUGAR Fitness, to present a free webinar called 3 Simple Eating Changes to Help You Take Control & Reach Your Health Goals.

You want to have some control. Who likes the feeling of mindlessly emptying a bag of potato chips, or eating three too many gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies?
But not so much control that food becomes all you think about. Plus, you want to enjoy and savor the things you eat (because food should be delicious!).

For healthy changes to be sustainable, they need to be simple and straightforward.
That’s why my friends at Ultimate Bundles have partnered with Anna Renderer to create a free class called: 3 Simple Eating Changes to Help You Take Control & Reach Your Health Goals.
Anna Renderer has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and has been coaching health and fitness for 15 years. She is the host of POPSUGAR fitness, a mama to her son Lucca and creator of the “Sexy Confident Life” where she is passionate about teaching women (especially moms) how to develop a high performance body and mind so they are fit to perform and achieve their dreams.

You can choose from two free classes, which will take place over Monday, February 3rd or Tuesday, February 4th
In this free, live class, she’ll teach you:
A “3 step gameplan” to eating your healthiest (long-term)
Why most FAD diets don’t work
How to buy the best foods for your body
What foods to NEVER buy
And more!


Category BannerTake advantage of this wonderful bundle of information! We need to take care of ourselves in this busy working world we live in. Have an amazing week!

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